Calcium Carbonate Heavy

Calcium Carbonate Heavy Powder

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Caltron’s Calcium Carbonate Heavy Powder

CALCIUM CARBONATE (Extra Heavy Bulk Density for Soft gels):Caltron’s Calcium Carbonate Powder (SANCAL XH – FORTE) with extra heavy bulk density is ideal for making soft gels capsules. We are supplying to most of the pharmaceuticals companies and exporting to various countries. The material is thoroughly processed under stringent quality control to make it suitable for pharmaceutical consumption and the bulk density is maintained which is a very important criteria for making soft gelatine capsule.

Physical Property:-

  1. Nomenclature: Calcium Carbonate
  2. Chemical Nomenclature: CaCO3
  3. Appearance: Fine, White, Micronized Powder
  4. Colour: Super Snow White
  5. Odour: No Specific Smell

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