Diatomaceous Earth is one of those minerals that have extensive benefits. Very few natural minerals on Earth have the same benefits as that of diatomaceous earth. It is available mainly in refined form and can play an essential role in controlling odors, preventing fleas and indoor pests. Nonetheless, diatom powder from Caltron Clays & Chemicals is used in most as a food grade item.

What are the types of diatomaceous powder?

The diatomaceous powder is usually available in three types: pest-grade, food-grade and filter-grade. Consumers usually opt for food-grade and pest-grade diatomaceous powder for benefits. These can prove to be highly beneficial in different things around your house.

Filter-grade: This type of DE is primarily used in industrial-strength and ensures bringing formulations. The filter-grade DE is primarily used in pool filters. Nonetheless, filter grade diatomaceous powder is not safe for use in-home or consumption.

Food-grade: Food-grade diatom powder from Caltron Clays & Chemicals contains less than 2% silica. It usually occurs in small amounts in toothpaste but can be found as supplements. The food-grade DE toothpaste can ensure better teeth cleaning.

Many claim that the food-grade diatomaceous powder also enhances nail and skin appearance while reducing inflammation of the body. Furthermore, it plays a vital role in reducing the insufficient cholesterol level of the body. Many people also use food-grade diatomaceous powder for livestock farming as it helps to reduce caking. Nonetheless, it is necessary to ensure that it is available in less than 2% of the animal feed’s dry weight.

Pest-grade: Pest-grade diatomaceous powder may sometimes be interchangeably used along with food-grade diatomaceous powder because of similar formulations. This is primarily used on dry ground and can be beneficial for keeping away pests and food. If you have bed bugs, you might as well apply the same on the bed to get reduced from them.

Diatomaceous powder can prove to be highly beneficial for the home. Since it can be easily absorbed, you can quickly pour it over oil to prevent staining and spilling. Moreover, when these are pour-over oil, they can be quickly soaked up. The application of diatomaceous powder can help to fix staining on carpets and furniture.

Impact of diatomaceous powder on bone-health

The non-oxidize form of silica, silicon, is hail to be one of the many essential minerals required by the body. The exact impact of silicon on bone health is unknown. However, it plays a vital role in maintaining the integrity of hair, skin, and nails.

The diatomaceous powder contains silica which can eventually help to increase the silicon level of the body. The silica of diatomaceous powder isn’t absorbed, which prevents wastage. Several studies also suggest that silicon releases in small amounts from the silica content. Nonetheless, these are not even appropriately proven yet.

As a result, consuming Diatomaceous powder is beneficial for bone health.

Impact on toxins

One of the most significant benefits of consuming Diatomaceous powder is that these contribute to the detoxification of the body. It cleanses all harmful toxins from the digestive tract. Nonetheless, there is no substantial evidence to determine if these can remove heavy metals from water.

Hence, whether these would be beneficial for your digestive tract or not is unknown. Moreover, your body can easily neutralize and remove the toxins all by itself.

Lowers cholesterol level

One study conducted with 19 people has shown the impact of using diatomaceous earth powder in a dietary supplement. The participants were made to consume supplements containing Diatomaceous powder three times a day for eight weeks continuously. The study came out with a reduction in bad cholesterol by 13.2% and improved good cholesterol levels.

However, there was no control group in this trial; researchers state that a solid placebo-controlled study is in need.


The food-grade diatom powder from Carlton Clays & Chemicals is highly safe to use. Nonetheless, it is advisable to be careful while inhaling these. If you are looking forward to a must-have wellness product, then you should be using this. However, more research can be done to determine the impact.